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How to create Showcase Page?

With the Editorify Showcase page, you can highlight selected product reviews on your Homepage or on a Custom Page, this way you can expose your customers to more products in your store and sell more.

In this article, we'll explain how to add a showcase page to your website.

Create your first Showcase page

  1. Visit the Editorify dashboard

  2. Click the "Create reviews page" from the side menu

  3. Pick the "Happy customer reviews" from the popup


  1. Choose where to display the reviews on Homepage or on a Custom Page.


  2. Add a "page title", and change the other options as you like.
    Once done, click the "Create showcase page",


  3. Select which product reviews to include and click the Save button and select "view" to view the showcase page. (screenshot below)


    To unlock this feature click here and upgrade to the Gold subscription

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