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How to change the reviews and stars rating placement on your Shopify product page

Follow the guide below to change the placement of your Reviews widgets on the product page:

  1. First, make sure you have enabled the Editorify embeded script:

From your Shopify dashboard, select the 'Online Store' option.

Click on 'Themes'.

Choose the theme you're currently using and click on 'Customize'.

Activate the Editorify Embed Script:

From the theme customization section, click the "App embeds" section and turn on the switch.

When done, click the "save" button on the top right of your screen.

  1. Under the same page, select "Products" >> "Default product" at the pages dropdown at the top of the page


Changing the Star Rating placement

  1. In order to change the reviews star rating placement, click the "Sections" icon at the top left side bar, then under "Template", click on "Product information "and click on "Add block":


  1. Select "Star rating widget":


  1. The Star rating widget will be added to the template. Hold the drag the widget and place it at the placement you want it to appear. (Use the page preview at the right for reference)


  1. Once you're satisfied with the widget placement, click the "Save" button at the top right corner. You can go back to this page at any time and change the placement as you wish.


Changing the Reviews widget placement

  1. You have the option to add the reviews block to the product information section or generate a new section solely for the reviews widget.

    To add the reviews under the product information section, just click "Add block" inside the product information section:


    Select Product reviews widget:


The reviews widget will be added into the product information section, hold drag and move the widget to the placement you would like it to be inside the section:


  1. If you want to create a seperate section for the reviews on the page click on "Add section" and select "Product reviews widget" under the Apps tab:


  1. The new section and the reviews widget will be added to the page and you can change the placement of the reviews by holding and dragging the new apps section:

  1. move1.png

    1. Once your'e satisfied with the results, click on Save:


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