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How to enable google review snippet scheme for SEO using Editorify?

Online reviews and ratings are a popular way for consumers to make decisions about where to go and what products to buy. High stars ratings represent quality and they often improve the rate of click-throughs. (check screenshot below):


If you want stars rating to show up on your organic/google search results, you should enable the google scheme snippet. 

Login to the Editorify admin dashboard

  • Click the "import list" from the side menu

  • Find the product that you wish to enable this option. 


How do i know if my page support reviews scheme rich results?

To test the google review snippet scheme, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the google rich results checker page

  2. Enter your store product URL (not homepage)


  3. Scroll down and make sure "Reviews snippet" is active (screenshot below)

Note: this option is available for gold subscribers and up. 

Important: We support Google snippet structure, which means that our product ratings are compatible with Google's structure.

However, we do not have control over when exactly Google will display the reviews. It depends on Google's algorithm and various other factors.

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