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What is Editorify and how to get started?

How to get started with Editorify?

The biggest reason why online reviews are important to businesses is that they ultimately increase sales by giving consumers the information they need to make the decision to purchase a product.

With Editorify you can collect reviews from your customer or import authentic reviews and videos from your supplier (Aliexpres, Alibaba, Dhgate, Banggood, Etsy, and More). Importing these reviews/videos will build up customer's trust, maximize engagement, and get more sales for your business.

In this guide, we'll go over some of the features that Editorify offers and learn how to use them.

Does editorify have a free plan?

Yes, you can import up to 50 reviews in total with the free plan.

The Free plan limitations are:

  • Ability to import only from Aliexpress

  • Ability to import/collect 50 reviews

  • You won't be able to import videos or images. 

  • You won't be able to use the integration that we have with Oberlo, Importify, Dropified, Dsers, Ali orders, Expressfy, and more.

  • You won't be able to use the Showcase page/happy customer page functionality 

  • Powered by Editorify logo will be placed on the product pages

  • No option to use the rating filter and the blacklist keywords

  • No option to Edit reviews from the extension

  • No option to customize the "write a review" form page

To remove the limitations, upgrade here

Which eCommerce platforms does Editorify support?

Editorify is available on Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce & BigCommerce

Which websites can I import reviews from?

Aliexpress, Alibaba, Etsy, Dhgate, Taobao, Wish, Banggood, Gearbest, Walmart, 1688, Overstock.

How do I get started?

  • Visit the Editorify Login/Signup page

  • Select the platform you want to Signup to from the dropdown

  • Subscribe to one of our plans and follow the step-by-step guide to get started.

Editorify Reviews Customization

To customize the Editorify reviews Visit the Editorify admin dashboard and click the "design settings" from the side menu.

From this page, you can customize the following

  • Star design (size and color)

  • Buttons (Size and color)

  • RTL support (right to left texts)

  • Design template

  • Flags (turn on/off)

  • Date format (turn on/off)

  • Avatar (turn on/off)

  • Style Template (List view/Grid view)

  • Template design (4 designs to choose from)

  • Pagination

  • Reviews sorting



How to collect reviews from your customers?

Want to collect authentic reviews from your customers?

When you install the Editorify app, a "write a review" button will be added to each one of your product pages.

When a customer leaves feedback, it will be automatically added to your product page. You can check this guide if you want to manually approve the reviews before publishing them on your site.

How to import reviews and videos?

Editorify helps you import reviews and videos from multiple wholesalers, such as Aliexpress, Alibaba, Dhgate, Banggood, and More.

follow the steps below to learn how to import authentic reviews from wholesale sellers:

  • Visit one of our supported websites

  • Visit the product page you wish to import reviews or videos from

  • Click the Editorify icon

  • Select the reviews/videos you want to import

  • Click the "import now" button

Watch the video below and learn how to import reviews and videos from Aliexpress

Note: the import process is similar on Wix and WooCommerce


Rate filter and blacklist keywords

Editorify helps you to filter reviews by adding blacklist keywords and Minimum Stars rating, by adding these filters you keep your product page clean and avoid having negative reviews on the page.

follow the steps below to learn how to use filters:

  • Login to the Editorify dashboard

  • Click the filters & automation from the side menu

  • In the "Rating to display" option, it is recommended that you add 4 stars and 5 stars.

  • In the "Keyword blacklist" option, it is recommended to add the supplier name like "Aliexpress" or "Amazon" or any other website that you don't want to be mentioned.

  • Click the "Save" button

How to use the Showcase page?

With Editorify, you can easily create a showcase page that will help your customers discover even more of the products from your store and will increase sales naturally.

Visit this link to learn how to create a showcase page on Shopify

Visit this link to learn how to create a showcase page on Wix

How to use Editorify with Importify?

It was very important for us to make the import reviews process easy and user-friendly, so we have added an option to import reviews from the importify dashboard. 

Check the video below:

How to use Editorify with Oberlo?

We have added an option to import reviews from the Oberlo dashboard as well. 

Watch the video below:

Start using Editorify Now by clicking Here

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